Bart Oskroba Signature 110mm Lucky Lunar Wheel

The Bart Oskroba signature Lucky Lunar 110mm wheel features Lucky Rebound Technology™, which dramatically improves performance, durability and grip.


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Bart Oskroba is a professional stunt scooter rider from Poland known for his creative and technical style. He started riding at the age of 14 and quickly gained an international reputation winning numerous titles in major competitions such as the Nitro World Games and the FISE World Series. In addition to his riding career, Oskroba is also a popular online content creator, sharing videos of his tricks and tutorials to help riders improve their skills. He has also worked with several scooter brands to develop innovative products. Bart Oskroba is considered one of the best stunt scooter riders in the world and continues to inspire new riders with his unique style and passion for the sport.

- Wheel sold individually.


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